Replace Car Keys

The LOK DOC is able to cut keys on the spot that will work with your vehicles anti theft system. Bill Matthews is the LOK DOC, and like any professional he has received special training and owns specialized equipment that enable him to perform his work. For 97% of all makes and models of vehicles he can make a new key on the spot. This is done without harming the vehicle in any way.

Duplicate Car Keys

If you simply need a duplicate key, this is quick and easy. We will trace your existing key with our equipment and then program the radio frequency identification chip to match your vehicles anti-theft system.

Lost Car Keys

If you have lost all keys to the vehicle we can still create a new key that will work in your vehicles doors and ignition on the spot.

Replacement Keyless Entry Remotes

If you need a replacement remote for your keyless entry system, we have them in stock and will program it for you.

So don't have your vehicle towed to a car dealership, wasting time and money. Let the LOK DOC come to you with his mobile Locksmith service and you can get back on the road.

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