Emergency Lock Out Services

For immediate response call the LOK DOC at (732) 291-9370 to unlock your home or vehicle. Professional Licensed Locksmith services at a reasonable price.

Woman locked out of her car

Automobile Lock Out Service

The LOK DOC can create and program 97% of the keys available for Automobiles, on the spot we can replace your lost keys or open your locked vehicle. We will have you back in your vehicle in no time. The police won't open your vehicle, todays vehicles are equipped with anti theft measures that make it to hard for them to unlock your vehicle without doing damage to the mechanisms. So don't waste time call the professional locksmith for Monmouth County.

Residential Lock Out Service

Lose your house keys? The LOK DOC makes house calls. Don't break that window, its going to cost you more to have that replaced than it will to simply let the DOC unlock your front door for you with his Locksmith tools. Plus while he is there he can make you some spare keys!

Commercial Lock Service

Problems with your locks at your place of business? The LOK DOC is fully qualified on commercial lock hardware, and electronic key and biometric systems. We can repair and maintain your current hardware and systems, or upgrade them with the highest quality products on the market. So if its just a door closing mechanism that has seen better days, or you need the most innovative biometric system available, we can serve your needs.

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